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Changes in the School of Logic for 2017-2018: Fine Arts and Classic Choir
Next year we will continue our addition of fine arts classes to the curriculum by adding a Fine Arts class for the School of Logic - i.e. grades 7 and 8. To make room for this addition to the schedule, we will rearrange Classic Choir times. Here's how the schedule will work:

For MW 7th Graders: Fine Arts in the Fall Semester and Classic Choir in the Spring Semester
For MW 8th Graders: Classic Choir in the Fall Semester and Fine Arts in the Spring Semester
For TTH 7th AND 8th Graders: Classic Choir in the Fall Semester and Fine Arts in the Spring Semester

Please note:
1. There will be a materials fee for the Fine Arts classes and additional tuition may be charged.
2. TTH students who wish to have a second semester of Classic Choir (i.e. Spring Semester) can join the MW choir, which meets on Wednesdays
3. Fine Arts and Classic Choir will both be offered during normal academy hours.

If you have any questions about the Fine Arts classes or schedule, please contact Bithia Bjurman. If you have questions about Classic Choir or its schedule, please contact Sue Bell.


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